Independence with 24/7 protection, support, security, and peace of mind!

Seniors Helping Seniors® Franchise System has partnered with Electronic Caregiver™.  This partnership has enabled us to offer state of the art assistive technology tools to seniors throughout Brevard County.  “Partnering with Electronic Caregiver™ will allow us to continue to offer our services, allowing seniors to age safely and peacefully,” said Daniel Jan, VP of Operations for Seniors Helping Seniors®. “The remote patient monitoring will give families peace of mind that their loved ones are safe, when they can’t physically be there.”

Electronic Caregiver™ is one of the fastest growing health technology providers in the U.S., offering automated solutions and safety devices nationwide. The company was founded in 2009 with the intention of improving health and safety monitoring and bettering people’s lives.  "Our technology, paired with a true partner like Seniors Helping Seniors® allows the home care community to better address the needs of the ever-growing senior population,” said Electronic Caregiver™ Director of Business Development Vincent Melendez. “Now more than ever, early interventions, real-time relevant data, and care coordination are key to aging in place and improved outcomes."

Protection On The Go

Premier Series

24/7 Care plan support, security, and telehealth on the go.

Electronic Caregiver® Premier includes a pocket smart health device and emergency wrist pendant, with one-touch telehealth and interactive care plan support. Electronic Caregiver® Premier utilizes both Global Positioning Systems (GPS) and Cellular Based Location Services (CBS) to locate the user’s current location, with 24/7 emergency response and automated health surveys. Our highly sensitive microphones allow operators to hear clients anywhere the mobile device is, whether in your home or on the go. ECG Premier allows seniors the confidence to live longer, safer, and more independently.

Pro Health Series

24/7 Advanced remote patient monitoring with voice technology, full redundancy, total care circle coordination and seamless connectivity.

With ECG Pro Health, managing your health has never been so effortless. 24/7 clinical care support improves treatment adherence and delivers early identification to providers. Pro Health includes in-depth analytics and trend monitoring, which promotes early and more accurately informed interventions.